Health Insurance

UIC provides its clients with a wide range of group medical plans to serve their employees healthcare needs with wide range options. With a wide array of network providers over Yemen which include well reputed hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers etc.

Engineering Insurance

In Yemen, construction sector has been growing rapidly & the need for Engineering Insurance has increased substantially. UIC responds to the emerging need of companies to insure their real estate assets by offering up-to-date Engineering Insurance Products .

Marine Insurance

With the importance of Yemen as a regional hub of trade and commerce in Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, the demand for Marine Insurance is constantly increasing. UIC Marine Cargo Plans provide comprehensive coverage to cargo both for Export/Import by Sea/Air and Inland Transit by roads.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance plays an effective role in mitigating the hardship faced by car owners in an accident. UIC offers comprehensive plans for both private and commercial vehicles with an affordable premium to cover both damage to the vehicle and liability of the driver to third parties.