The idea of liability depends on the principle of (not to harm the others).

So every damage to property or injuring person merits compensation when the three causes of arising liability exist, which are:
1. Malicious damage
2. The cause
3. The damage.

Jurisprudence dividing liability into two main parts, which are:

1. Criminal liability, effects of which are prevalent amongst the people in general.
2. Civil liability, the gravity of which does not affect the society, but it is restricted to one or some persons.Thus the damage element should be available in order to establish such a liability.
3. The insurance of liability restricted to cover the civil liability but not the criminal liability.  Civil liability is divided into two kinds, which are:
a) Negligence Liability, the source of which is the Law is based upon principle of (Not to harm the others).
b) Contractual Liability, the source of which is the contract.


UIC offers the following kinds of civil liability insurance policies, which can be ordered from all its branches in Yemen.

1. Public Liability Insurance Policy.
2. Professional Indemnity policy.
3. Product Liability Insurance policy.
4. Property damage Liability Insurance policy.
5. Personal Liability Insurance policy.
6. Employer’s Liability Insurance policy

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